How to install minecraft map

You are getting a cold world minecraft, card or save the game you want to try your local installation Minecraft? It is very easy!

First, you need to download a map and look where it landed in your computer. You can find maps on Minecraft Portal and many other places.

Open the package

Minecraft cards are usually distributed in zip format., As is the format most widely supported.

On Mac OSX and Windows, support for the extraction of these files come from, and you simply click on the file to achieve this.

On other sites, other formats can be used, for example. Rar, .7 z or even. Tar.

Once you have opened the file, you will find a folder inside called “World #” where # is a number.

The file may also have another name. It’s not written in stone.

Find your Minecraft Save Folder

Follow these steps to locate this folder:

For Windows system

Press Win key + R type %AppData% in the promp

find folder saves in minecraft 

For Mac OSX

Find folder ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves 

then copy your downloaded files into the save folder

now,you can rename the downloaded file that you want.


If everything is done, boot up Minecraft choose Single Player, and pick your installed world in the list!

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